Ronix Volcom Sea Captain
Ronix Volcom Sea Captain
Ronix Volcom Sea Captain
A new thruster inspired shape for surfers looking for on the gas edge hold. This board has a narrower outline allowing it to sit deeper in the water. The result is a strong edge that will lock into a turn like few boards in our range. For the rider that wants a strong, powerful cutback, but also to feel more connected. Did we mention that this collaboration comes complete with artwork created by the bees knees of surfing?

+ Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave
+ Machined EVA Rear Pad w/ Extra Tall Tail Kick
+ Fin-S Tool-Less Design Featuring Spring Lock Technology
+ 3 Symmetric 3" Fins
+ Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
+ Core - Handmade by Robots
+ Compression Molded w/ Durable Surface Skin
NOK 5.999
Før: 7.999  Tilgjengelighet:   1-5 på lager
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