Ronix Vision
Ronix Vision
Ronix Vision
Designed and created by the boy's modern prospect, recognizing that wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren't parallel. A symmetrical shape with asymmetric features designed solely for the needs of the next generation of rippers. Your body is in an unbalanced position edging into the wake toeside so we created a thinner, sharper rail to help set an easier, more confident edge. Then on your heelside your body is more comfortable in an aligned position so we added a fuller vertical rail to generate more top water speed over the water. Come into the wake flat without much edge hold? No worries, we have more volume in the ends to help generate natural lift off the wake. Our Grom Glass offers a lighter layup for more feel with the water, and less swing weight in the air. A rockerline designed to assist a rider in a relaxed, neutrally balanced position. Flip the lights off, and check out the glow in the dark images of the Vision.

TPU Graphic Top Sheet
Mococoque & Krypto Cable Construction
Mod Pour Foam
M6 Inserts
Grom Top / Bottom Glass
Low Friction Base Sheet
Performance Award Sticker Pack
NOK 2.799
Før: 3.599  Tilgjengelighet:   1-5 på lager
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