Ronix Kinetik Flexbox 1
Ronix Kinetik Flexbox 1
Ronix Kinetik Flexbox 1
Targeted flex zone with a traditional tip/tail blending to a snappy midsection.

The cable kingpin that started the craze of varying flex. This Kinetik has a super soft belly but the rigid tip/tail gives the rider more snap off a feature and on air tricks. In cable boards you want leverage points where a certain part of the board compresses until the fulcrum kicks in with snap back. This series does that by allowing a rider to exaggerate their press with the softest flex numbers in the center - but as the press builds because of the soft midsection then the traditional tip/ tail construction prevents it from folding over. A design with less rocker for infinite top water speed, reduced drag and more overall contact and has the deepest G&R channels of any of our cable boards for extra traction. Engineered with the exact same core, outline, and rocker as the Springbox 2 - but has totally different flex points. Designed for riders that want a bigger sweet spot on rails and more rebound off of kickers.

TPU Graphic Top Sheet
Flexbox Technology
Magic Carpet Top / Base Glass
Sintered Base Sheet
Vertical Paulownia Wood
M6 Inserts
NOK 5.799
Før: 7.299  Tilgjengelighet:   1-5 på lager
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