Ronix Atmos
Ronix Atmos
Ronix Atmos
Attention all grows - there is a new series with extra snap and feel for the cable park. We are proud to unveil a kid's board with a the first of its kind - a spine. For the past couple of seasons, we have been developing a new spine where the strength runs the way a stringer does on a surfer, from tip to tail then leaves the majority of the outer surface area with a much softer horizontal wood. With the Atmos you have a pivot point running the length of the board, not just in specific pockets, allowing most of the board to comply from side to side. Bigger ollies, easier transfers and our most conforming side to side flex - the all new kid's Atmos. The platform of kid's specific cable boards is available in two sizes.

Machined Vertical Paulownia Wood
Krypto Cable
Monocoque Construction
Consistent Tip/Tail Flex
Concave Bottom
G&R Technology
Grind Base
Grom Glass
4 Fiberglass .6" Free Agent Fins
Team Stuckey Design
NOK 4.299
Før: 5.299  Tilgjengelighet:   1-5 på lager
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